Eco-design regulation

The eco-design regulation aims to establish a framework for setting eco-design requirements for energy-related products. (Energy-related Produkts, ErP).

Eco-design of products can make an important contribution to improving the energy efficiency of products. Energy efficiency plays a central role in the German government's energy concept. Measures to improve energy efficiency are an important step on the way to limiting CO2 emissions and implementing the energy transition.

technotrans cooling units exclusively fall into the two product groups with medium and high operating temperatures.

  • Timely realisation

    Regulation EU 2016/2281

    • process cooler with high operating temperautre
      range from 2 up to 12°C, assessment point 7°C
      January 1, 2018 Level 1
      January 1, 2021 Level  2

    Regulation EU 2015/1095

    • process cooler with medium operating temperature
      range from -8 up to < 2°C, assessement point -8°C
      July 1, 2016 Level 1
      July 1, 2018 Level 2
  • Assessment point

    • A 100% full load, ambient temperature 35°C (air cooled),
      35°C (water cooled)
    • B   93% partial load, ambient temperature 25°C (air cooled),
      23°C (water cooled)
    • C   87% partial load, ambient temperature 15°C (air cooled),
      16°C (water cooled)
    • D   80% partial load, ambient temperature 5°C (air cooled),
      9°C (water cooled)

Technical data