Precise lubrication for the food industry

Spray lubrication without compressed air - energy and resource efficiency for the food industry

The spray.xact food system is based on the proven technotrans spraying technology which is originally used in punching and forming applications. It has been extensively and specifically adapted to the requirements of food producers.

  • highly efficient spraying system for low-mist, precise and economical media application
  • spraying of liquids of different viscosity through heatable valves, e.g. oils, emulsions, water, media containing sugar and starch, liquid egg
  • uniform application of liquids on end products, moulds, sheets and any conveyor system
  • designed for high speed production processes
  • requirements for the application in the food industry fulfilled

Your benefit

  • Spraying without compressed air

    • low-fog to fog-free for a clean environment
    • sustainable and energy efficient
    • reduced investment and maintenance requirements due to elimination of compressed air and extraction system
    • lower cleaning requirements due to significantly reduced contamination
    • improvement of working conditions and health protection for employees
  • High process and production reliability

    • extremely low maintenance requirements
    • long life cycle of the valves due to very low wear and tear
    • high dosing accuracy produces markedly reduced material consumption
      (reduced by over 50% according to customer statements)
    • precise, reproducible media application
    • high performance ›Very easy to clean due to rinsing function and covenient complete dismantling