technotrans spray lubrication for stamping and forming industry

spray.xact 5000 - airless spray lubrication for large-scale systems

spray.xact 5000 - untere Düsenleiste mit Riemenförderer

economically efficient spray lubrication solution

The system has been specifically developed for large presses with a spraying width of up to 4,800 mm. When it comes to the lubrication of blanks and coils or the production of standard components, such as structural elements or even the outer skin parts of vehicle bodies, spray.xact 5000 is an optimum and economically efficient solution for all types of lubrication tasks.The heart of the system is the proprietary spray valve. It is electronically controlled and emits spray pulses at an exceptionally high frequency. That results in a particularly homogeneous spray pattern on the sheet metal surface. The oil quantity can be adjusted extremely precisely simply by changing the spraying parameters. In addition, the adjustment is completely reproducible due to the fact that it is 100 % electronically controlled.

Easy access to all of the components for maintenance or in the event of malfunctions as well as the redundant provision of key components for the emergency mode are, of course, ensured just like the easy operation of the system.

Technical data:

  • installation of up to 2 x 48 nozzles for a maximum spraying width of 4,800 mm
  • applied oil quantities of 0.5 g/m² up to 3.0 g/m² for standard applications
  • can be used for sheet metal feed rates of up to 3 m/s
  • quick, automated nozzle test run for the detection of blocked nozzles
  • read-in of CAD files in DXF format, e. g. for the representation of blank contours
  • drawing tool for the independent drawing of blanks
    • Advantages at glance

      • spraying without compressed air
      • no extraction system required
      • no costs for compressed air
      • consistent, reproducible spraying results
      • easy programming of spray patterns
      • low-maintenance, user-friendly system
      • high level of process and production reliability
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      design and function

      The spray unit consists of a rack, an upper and lower spraying chamber and an integrated control cabinet.

      The entire spray unit can be moved into, and out of, the press system by way of the rack with its own drive system. In addition, the rack holds:

      • two intermediate oil tanks,
      • one oil collecting pan
      • and several heating elements for preheating the medium.

      From there, the oil is supplied to the nozzle rails in the two spraying chambers.

    • Versorgung und Steuerung der spray.xact 5000

      supply and control system

      The oil supply is characterised by a high level of flexibility: IBCs, drums or pipes that are connected to an on-site, central supply system can all be used.

      In the example shown, the oil flows from a container into an intermediate tank from where it is then fed to the spray unit by way of a gear pump.

      Additional key features of the oil supply modules are its filters, a collecting pan compliant with the German Federal Water Act (Wasserhaushaltsgesetz, WHG) and a signalling and control unit.

      The spray.xact 5000 is controlled via its own control panel which can communicate with other, superordinate systems via a bus connection (Profibus, Profinet or Ethernet). Alternatively, it can also be connected to an external panel, e. g. in the control station, via a TeamViewer or Remote Desktop connection.

      A small, separate service panel, which is connected to the control system via a cable, can be used flexibly in a mobile setting for maintenance or in the event of malfunctions.