technotrans spray lubrication for stamping and forming industry
technotrans spray nozzle from spray.xact

Lubrication system for punching and forming industries

A new generation for the precise and sparing application of oil without unwanted spray mist

spray.xact is a highly flexible, easily adaptable solution for the precise, non-contact application of oils and watery solutions on to board or coils. The spray jet is created using a high-frequency pulsing valve with a 1-substance nozzle. This eliminates the use of cost-intensive compressed air at  the nozzles, which is used in conventional units and causes spray mist.

spray.xact b - lubricating boards and simple coil applications

spray.xact c - lubricating coils

spray.xact 5000 -  spray lubrication for large-scale systems

spray.xact food -  precise lubrication for the food industry

spray.xact reflection - lubricating on punching machines

spray.xact easy - lubricating for small applications

spray.xact - accessories


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