Energy-efficient server cooling

Reliable operation with active and free cooling of server systems

Technological developments in the field of Big Data are fuelling the demand for higher computing power enormously. The cooling of server rooms and data centres plays a decisive role in this - it is the backbone of digitisation. With more than 45 years of experience, technotrans offers energy-efficient and customer-specific solutions in the field of system cooling.

From compact in-row cooling systems for use directly between server racks to modular solutions for cooling server rooms: technotrans offers a wide range of solutions for cooling server systems. We configure the optimum performance and equipment variants according to your individual requirements.

The combination of active and free cooling, for example, can achieve enormous energy savings in most climate zones. In addition, this results in 100 percent redundancy in cold water generation over long periods of the year.

In addition to planning, project management and engineering, technotrans also provides professional installation of the cooling systems, including all piping and electrical cabling, with final commissioning - worldwide.

Products at a glance

  • In-Row heat exchangers for modular design [1]
  • Active cold water generation for reliable server cooling [2]
  • Energy-efficient free cooling of server rooms [3]
    • production of chilled water

      • The technotrans group offers a wide range of cooling systems for the most diverse project requirements. Based on this pool of equipment, optimum performance levels and configuration variants can be configured to fulfil the requirements of all types of

        • modular design for small to medium data centres
        • weco series for medium to large data centres
        • highly efficient screw-type compressors and the environmentally friendly refrigerant R513a for a small CO2 footprint
        • bespoke solutions for higher performance levels as a compact solution in mobile containers
    • energy effcient free cooling

      • the free cooling range includes different designs and offers a wide range of performance levels
      • energy-efficient EC fans with a particularly compact design or a low noise level for the extension or modernisation of existing systems or the configuration of new systems