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19" rack chiller - 200 Watt to 3 Kilowatt

Efficiency through modularity - customized special applications alternative to peltier cooling

The new controller platform ensures the reliable and uninterrupted monitoring of our cooling systems. It controls the cooling units very precisely and efficiently within the pre-set limits and records all relevant parameters in real-time.

The software included in the scope of delivery enables the evaluation of all readings. Error messages and status reports can be directly transferred to end units and computers via Ethernet or Internet connections. If a malfunction occurs, the error can be diagnosed at any time on site or via remote access.

  • Equipment & features:

    • active water cooling via refrigerant compressor
    • passive refrigeration via water-water heat exchanger
    • compact 19” housing or table-top unit
    • high temperature stability
  • Technical data:

    • active: cooling capacity: 300 W – 2.8 kW
    • passive: cooling capacity: 1 – 25 kW
    • height 4 – 12 HE
    • flow: 0.5 to 15 l/min
  • Advantages at a glance

    • size and service optimized 19" concept
    • temperature control (cooling/heating)
    • new modular controller platform
    • temperature stability ≤ 0.1 K
    • suitable for a variety of fluid media
    • reduced noise and vibrations
    • energy efficient and space-saving
    • innovative design
    • service-friendly front panel access


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