technotrans Investor Relations
technotrans Aktienkursentwicklung

The technotrans share at a glance

registered shares

establishment/IPO: 1970/1998

financial year: 01.01. - 31.12.
share capital: 6,907,665.00
number of shares (total): 6,907,665
number of shares (free float): 6,907,665

stock markets: XETRA, Frankfurt
designated sponsor: Hauck & Aufhaeuser

index: Prime All Share

share price

The shares of technotrans SE have been traded on the stock market since March 1998. As a company listed in the Prime Standard segment, we must meet the highest possible standards of transparency. These include quarterly financial reporting in German and English, publishing a corporate calendar, holding at least one Analysts Conference per year and publishing ad hoc information, including in English.

Transparency and credibility are the cornerstones of our communications with the captil market

We inform shareholders, analysts, media and the general public regularly and promptly in press releases and ad hoc information about our business performance and the situation of the company. All publications are also available on the internet. In addition to the written reports, individual aspects are explained and questions answered in telephone conferences or face-to-face talks. The result of this information policy that is candid and open to scrutiny is a relationship of trust with all capital market operators, based on a mutual respect, and we attach very high importance to it.

The shares of technotrans SE were converted from bearer to registered shares in October 2008. Since the changeover, we have been able to communicate directly with our company's shareholders. Having knowledge of the shareholder structure furthermore enables us to target our investor relations work even better.


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