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Annual Shareholders' Meeting 2018

The Annual Shareholders' Meeting of technotrans AG took place on May 18, 2018 at 10:00 am at Exhibition and Congress Centre Münsterland Hall, Albersloher Weg 32, 48155 Münster.

The invitation to the Shareholders' Meeting was published in the Federal Gazette on April 6, 2018.


  • Information to our shareholders

    In order to exercise your rights as shareholder, you must register in good time and order your admission ticket. This admission tic

    • attend the shareholders' meeting yourself and to exercise your right to vote


    • delegate another person, a bank or a shareholder association to prepresent you at the shareholders' meeting and to exercise your right to vote


    • participate in the voting by giving instructions within the framework of the law and the charter.

    Ordering admission tickets!

    You can directly order your admission ticket using the form that is enclosed with your invitation. Please check whether the number of shares and your address are correct. Please order the admission tickets as early as possible. All shareholders who are recorded in the share register are eligible to participate and vote. If you receive the documents from a bank, then you are not recorded in the share register. Why not ask your bank to register you, so that in future you are directly approached as shareholder and can exercise your respective shareholder rights.

    You also have the option of registering by e-mail to quoting your shareholder number and full address.
    Even after registering you have the option of appointing another person, a bank or an association of shareholders to represent your voting rights, or of appointing the instructions-bound proxy of the company to represent your voting rights. To do this, use the admission ticket with voting instructions that was sent to you, or contact us by e-mail to quoting the admission ticket number or shareholder number and your name. Please note that the proxy cannot exercise your voting rights without express instructions from you.

    For postal voting, please likewise use the admission ticket with voting instructions.

    Contact details for your registration, authorisation of another person, a bank or an association of shareholders or the instructions-bound proxy of the company to represent your voting rights:

    technotrans AG
    c/o Computershare Operations Center
    80249 Munich, Germany
    Fax No.: +49 89 3090-374675

  • Live Stream

    Major parts of the Annual General Meeting will be broadcasted live here on the Internet. (German only)

Information and documents referring to the items of the agenda

  • Item 1 of the agenda

    Presentation of the established financial statements of technotrans AG at December 31, 2017, of the approved consolidated financial statements prepared according to IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) at December 31, 2017, of the management reports for technotrans AG and the group with the non-financial group declaration contained therein, of the report of the Supervisory Board and of the explanatory report of the Board of Management on disclosures under takeover law

    Explanatory note on agenda item 1

  • Item 6 of the agenda

    Elections to the Supervisory Board of technotrans AG

    The presentation of the Supervisory Board can be found here.
    CV Harling
    CV Dr. Bröcker

Commentarial report referring to the rights of shareholders as per §§ 122 passage 2, 126 passage 1, 127 and 131 passage 1 AktG (Companies Act)


    We are at your disposal:

    Frank Dernesch
    Phone +49 (0)2583 301-1868
    Fax +49 (0)2583 301-1054

  • Financial Reports

    Online version Annual Report 2017!