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Corporate Governance

technotrans Corporate Governance

Corporate governance means a responsible form of management and control of companies in a manner that strives for long-term value creation. This includes purposeful, effective collaboration between the Board of Management and Supervisory Board, regard for the interests of shareholders and employees, openness and transparency in corporate communications, and the suitable handling of risks.

The Board of Management and Supervisory Board consider themselves obliged to preserve the company as a going concern and create value sustainably. Corporate governance at technotrans SE takes the German Corporate Governance Code as its benchmark. The Board of Management and Supervisory Board have submitted the Declaration of Compliance in accordance with Section 161 of the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG).

We believe sound corporate governance is an essential component of sustained corporate success. Responsible, value-led corporate management and transparent corporate information are important elements in every area of the company. In that respect, the German Corporate Governance Code serves as a guide to the implementation of generally accepted standards of sound, sustainable corporate management. 

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Transparent Corporate Communications

Open, transparent corporate communications are a central aspect of good corporate governance. As well as clear, intelligible content, this aspect entails equal access to information about the company for all target groups.

technotrans attaches considerable importance to the internet as an information medium that is independent of time and place, and moreover freely accessible. technotrans’ website accordingly provides visitors with a wide range of well-structured information about every aspect of the company. In the “Investor Relations” section, for instance, comprehensive financial information about technotrans can be called up, such as Annual and Interim Reports, ad hoc information and press releases. All information is posted on the website simultaneously in German and English.

The scheduled dates of the principal recurring events, such as the publication dates of the Annual and Interim Reports and the date of the Annual General Meeting, are summarised in a financial calendar. This calendar is published sufficiently well in advance and posted on technotrans’ website. The dates for the publications take account of the requirements of the stock exchange rules of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for securities listed in the Prime Standard.


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