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ink.line - vollautomatische Lösung für die Versorgung aus 2 kg-Kartuschen

Solutions for ink dispensing systems in sheetfed offset


This fully automatic traversing ink supply system ensures minimal filling levels in the ink ducts by the use of 2kg ink cartridges.

Ink is only added where it is actually required. This ensures quick ink changes and reduces ink loss.

kartuschenbasiertes Farbversorgungssystem, Type direct ink.line

direct ink.line

The direct ink.line system combines central ink supply systems and 2kg ink cartridges.

Ink can be supplied as required, either through the pipes of the central ink supply system or via the cartridge. As a result, the direct ink.line system offers all the advantages associated with high flexibility.

ink.trac ist die patentierte, hochintegrierte Lösung für die zentrale, vollautomatische Farbkastenbefüllung


The patented ink.trac has been developed as a highly integrated solution for the central, fully automated filling of ink ducts on sheetfed offset presses.

The compact device integrates all components of the ink level control:
the control system with display and control panel, the sensor, the ink valve and the ink distributor pipe with special low-drip ink outlets are directly at the unit. Therefore the installation is very easy. Only the supply lines for electricity, compressed air and ink need to be connected to the ink.trac.

This is a genuine plug & play concept of modern design, for discerning users. If you require an individual solution, then we will develop it with you.

Farbverrührer ink.mate verteilt die Farbe mittels eines Rührkonus


The ink.mate distributes the ink evenly across the entire width of the ink duct, using an agitator cone and keeps the viscosity of thixotropic inks low, especially in areas with lower ink consumption, such as the edges.

In addition, ink is applied to the ductor roller - a basic prerequisite for good printing.

handy.fill - komfortable, halbautomatische Auspresssystem für 2 kg-Farbkartuschen


The comfortable, semi-automatic dispensing system for 2kg ink cartridges.

The advantages of printing with ink from 2kg cartridges are obvious: reduced waste ink, shorter ink duct cleaning times, clean working conditions.

The system is particularly user-friendly and can be used on all sheet-fed offset printing presses and rotary presses, as a machine-specific system solution or in combination with alternatives.

manuelle Farbkastenbefüllung aus Kartuschen, Typ easy.fill


Our starter system for using ink from 2kg cartridges. Universally applicable and available for most cartridge types on all offset presses.

Quick and clean dispensing without an ink knife, minimum unit handling, no time-consuming tin handling, quick ink duct cleaning.


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