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Farbfüllsystem, Typ auto.fill für den Einsatz im Bogenoffsetdruck

auto.fill - multi.fill - ink tray filling

These two systems are fully automatic ink duct filling units.

A sensor, fitted to the ink filling pipe, monitors the ink level in the ink duct. If the ink level falls below the target level, the ink valve is opened until the ink reaches the level again.

auto.fill operates on the basis of a press-specific target ink level, permanently programmed into the sensor. The customer can adjust this value with the aid of a sensor programming device, if necessary.

The tecon computer is used for displaying the operating status and adjusting the ink level on the multi.fill. Unlike the auto.fill, the multi.fill thus provides greater scope for adjustments and therefore greater operator convenience.

Farbpumpen für eine zentrale Farbversorgung aus Fässern für den Einsatz im Bogenoffset

Ink pumps

We offer a complete program of high-pressure piston pumps, from small 25 kg Hobbock pumps to large container pumps.

What they all have in common, is their optimum user and maintenance-friendliness as well as a long service life.

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