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Ideal filtration quality for a highly reliable process

Filtrations saves resources and reduces costs

Solutions that fit your needs

The cost effectiveness of the filtration process essentially depends on the quantity of process liquids to be filtered and timeframe. It is particularly important to know the service life of individual filters and at which point they need to be replaced.

Medium to large-format sheet-fed offset presses, such as the basic.fc, operating with a filtration solution, require frequent filter replacements. The economic benefit of buying a cost-effective machine is not difficult to see.

For high volumes, we offer larger sheet-fed offset presses such as the alpha.f or beta.f – high-performance filtration systems for especially high demands. These machines can be retrofitted any time with a bypass in the dampening solution circuit, at low cost and mostly independently of the type of circulator.

beta.f - powerful fine filtration for mid to large format printing applications

alpha.f - two-step fine filtration for small o mid-size printing presses

basic.fc - the cost-efficient unit for more productivity in the print shop