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beta.z - Einzelzonen-Temperierung für stabile Produktionsbedingungen

beta.z - multi-zone temperature control

The multi-zone temperature control beta.z meets the requirements for offset printing at its highest level, especially under difficult conditions.

Ideally suited for high level waterless and conventional offset printing applications– especially under difficult conditions, such as IPA-reduced or IPA-free printing and while using spot colours.

  • Advantages

    Advantages at a glance:

    • perfect ink viscosity due to individually temperature-controlled ink units
    • ideal support of IPA-free printing and when using special inks
    • separate circuit and individual temperature of the ink ducts optional
    • optional measurement of temperature by means of an IR sensor in the inking unit
    • atmospherically sealed system prevents production related damage through corrosion and algae growth
    • easily retrofitted to existing combination units


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