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technotrans Kombinationsgerät, Typ alpha.c zur Feuchtmittel-Aufbereitung und Farbwerk-Temperierung

alpha.c - combination unit for dampening solution circulators & inking unit temperature control

The alpha.line offers a wide range of variable configuration options, allowing it to adapt to specific printing press requirements.

The return suction and filtration system is designed to meet the requirements of small to mid-size dampening solution trays. High quality filters minimise foam levels and improve the quality and service-life of the dampening solution.

Additional options include conductivity and pH measurement.

These two options complete the circle and provide small and medium-format systems with all the important tools for IPA-reduced offset printing.

  • Advantages

    Advantages at a glance:

    • reduced space requirements due to compact design
    • highly flexible configuration options make individual adaption easy and affordable
    • alcocontrol or alcosmart AZR available for high precision alcohol dosing
    • easy to operate due to multi-lingual operator program and LCD display


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