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Lackaufbereitung für den Einsatz im Offsetdruck

alpha.v - efficient coating preparation

Coating units in printing presses are often supplied without a suitable coating circulation system. Standard coating units are simply equipped with pumps and do not meet today’s demands for professional finishing.

Using our experience in coating preparation, and with input from a number of users, technotrans has developed the alpha.v unit, a cost-effective coating circulator supplying coating units with dispersion and UV coatings. With this system it does not matter whether the coating unit is equipped with a chamber doctor blade or rollers.

  • Adantages

    Advantages at a glance:

    • universal coating unit
    • great ease of operation
    • circulator distributed dispersion and UV coatings to coating unit
    • for use with chamber doctor blade or rollers
    • fully automatic cleaning functionality
  • Configuration

    The compact coating unit alpha.v is equipped with the following features: 

    • two independently controllable and reversible electrical pumps
    • pneumatic valves
    • warm water preparation system
    • remote control with text display
    • coating pan sensor
    • level indicatror for lacquer and water optional


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