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technotrans deltaspray - modular spray dampening system

deltaspray - modular spray dampening systems

deltaspray.line - innovative technology for maximum productivity

As an integral part of newspaper web offset printing presses, spray dampening systems considerably influence the quality of the printed result.
With the modular spray dampening systems of the deltaspray.line printshops achieve a consistent print quality coupled with high process stablity, thanks to the innovative and reliable technology. Individual activation of each spray nozzle and automatic shutters allow great flexiblitiy with regard to system configuration and ensure full control over spray pattern and dampening – independent of web widths.
Th unique nozzle cleaning concept does not require an external power supply and reliably protects all nozzles from clogging up. This maximises machine availability and reduces repairs and maintenance.
Together with a specially designed dampening solution circulator you have a complete system that optimizes the function of the dampening units:

Durable, precise and service-friendly!

  • Advantages

    Advantages at a glance:

    • contact-free transfer of the dampening solution with high, controlled spray frequency
    • dosing via individual activation of each spray nozzle
    • increased service life due to unique and low maintenance nozzle cleaning without external power
    • easy and safe operation
    • fast maintenance of the nozzles without using tools, due to the bayonet locks
    • modular design supports adaptation to customer requirements
  • nozzle cleaning with deltaspray spray dampening system

    nozzle cleaning

    The Venturi cap - unique nozzle cleaning

    Advantages of the innovative nozzle cleaning concept:

    • low operating costs – no external power supply for compressed air required
    • easy installation
    • no clogging of nozzles
    • notably reduced maintenance
    • clearly improved machine availability and productivity

    To meet the rising demands of contemporary production deltaspray spray bars operate with a unique and highly effective nozzle cleaning concept. Sophisticated structures within the nozzl generate the Venturi Effect, which physically creates negative pressure.  Furthermore clean air is taken in through a filter in the housing and circulates around the nozzle. This ensures that the nozzles cannot be clogged by dirt and ink particle.

    Actively created compressed air, a major cost factor, is therefore obsolete. As an effect the service life of each nozzle is greatly increased and consequently actively increases the productivity of the press.

  • deltaspray.line - automatische Shutter für umfassende Kontrolle


    deltaspray.line - automatc shutters for comprehensive control

    The special features:

    • automatic shutter control
    • full connection to control station
    • fast and precise adaptation to different web widths

    In order to print on many different web widths efficient and without loss, the spray dampening systems of the deltaspray.line can be equipped with automatically adaptable shutters.

    The deltaspray system can be seamlessly integrated into the printing presses control console, making adjustments during production quick and easy. This leads to an improved flexibility of the production process. Furthermore the software allows precise and reproducible control of the dampening pattern.

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