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delta.f - innovative Querstromfiltration für den Einsatz mit Sprühfeuchtwerken

delta.f - Crossflow filtration with the use of spray dampening systems

The quality of the dampening solution directly affects the process stability, particularly when spray dampening units are used.

The powerful cross-flow filtration delta.f considerably improves the conditions for the use of spray dampening systems such as deltaspray.line.

The high filter quality of the ceramic membrane ensures the separation of even very oily contamination. Additionally much of the dampening solution flowing back from the press is cleaned and fed back into the circulation. Dampening solution waste and disposal costs, as well as the need for fresh additives, are all considerably reduced.

  • Advantages

    Advantages at a glance:

    • ideal filtration quality for high process stability
    • maximum press availability
    • reduced cleaning and maintenance costs throughout the entire system
    • no need for consumables due to ceramic membrane
    • costs for consumables and disposal are appreciably reduced
    • perfectly clean and decontaminated dampening solution, from the tank to the trays of the printing units
    • easy retrofit in bypass
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