Zeitungsdruckmaschine mit technotrans Equipment
gamma.d - technotrans Feuchtmittel-Aufbereitung für den Einsatz im Zeitungsdruck

gamma.d - dampening solution preparation

Preferred field of use

Newspaper, heatset and semi-commercial (hybrid) offset web presses with film, brush or turbo dampeners. Central systems for sheetfed offset presses and/or narrow web presses. 


Conventional design with nine performance levels, four fluid tank sizes, individually configurable pumping systems as well as numerous options for cooling, dosing and measuring, guarantee the perfect supply of all connected dampeners at a high level of operational safety.

  • Advantages

    Advantages at a glance:

    • high precision dosing, measuring and control technology
    • highly flexible configuration options
    • very reliable
    • stable dampening solution


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