Zeitungsdruckmaschine mit technotrans Equipment

Ink supply & control system

Farbversorgungseinheit, Typ auto.fill

ink level regulation

With thousands of installed systems worldwide, technotrans is the market leader for ink duct filling. Various systems with various levels of automation are available.The multi.fill is particularly suitable for newspaper printing. The space-saving design and maximum reliability make this unit outstanding.

A sensor, clipped to the ink filling pipe, monitors the ink level in the ink duct. If the ink level falls short of the set level, then the ink valve opens until the level is reestablished. 

technotrans Farbverbrauchsmengenmessung - ink consumption monitoring

All important operational parameters at a glance.

The allows you to monitor the ink consumption per unit, per order, per month or per year.

A flow rate measuring device is fitted in the piping. The data of the ink consumption can be checked at any time and can be transferred to the internal printshop network via a data server.

Pumpenprogramm für die zentrale Farbversorgung im Zeitungsdruck

Pump portfolio

The ink pumps, especially developed for offset printing applications, are particularly durable, pneumatic or hydraulic high-pressure piston pumps.

We offer a complete portfolio of high-pressure piston pumps, from small 25 kg Hobbock pumps to large container pumps with a very high feed volume. They are all very user and maintenance friendly. Hydraulically operated pumps are increasingly in use for large systems. Energy costs are reduced due to the high efficiency of this drive.

Tankanlage zur zentralen Farbversorgung im Zeitungsdruck

Stationary and mobile ink containers

Depending upon ink consumption and the amount of space available you may require large tanks with a volume of up to 25,000 kg or a system using stationary and mobile containers.

Our standard tanks are square steel tanks with a diagonal feed, round tanks are optional. 

All necessary connections and operational elements are at the feed station, to aid the ink transfer from the ink truck of the ink supplier to the ink containers. Filling level sensors, indicators and further safety elements prevent spillage.


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