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fluidos - reliable and reproducible additive dosing

The fluidos dosing system is the easiest way to prepare reliable and reproducible dampening solution in volume for offset printing.

The system operates hydrodynamically using water pressure from the water supply, eliminating any need for electrical energy. The system is connected directly to the water supply and draws the additive straight from a container.

The additive volume is always in proportion to the amount of water flowing through the upper drive component and not affected by the pressure and throughput fluctuations. The materials used to build the fluidos are resistant to all commercially available dampening solution additives.

In addition to models integrated into the press, standalone systems can be supplied.

Advantages at a glance:

  • reliable and reproducible dosing accuracy
  • no electrical power required
  • very high operational safety due to a robust design principle
  • materials used are resistant to chemicals and free from elastomers
  • great ease of operation
  • practically maintenance-free


  • Zusatzmittel-Dosierung zur manuellen Bedienung und für Wandmontage, Typ fluidos.m


    • manual operation
    • wall mounted
    • direct connection to the water supply
    • suction hose with foot filter and non-return valve
  • Zusatztmittel-Dosierung mit Niveausonde zum Einbau in einen nachgeschalteten Feuchtmitteltank, Typ fluidos.l


    Also featuring:

    • level sensor for installation in a downstream dampening solution tank
    • solenoid valve for automatic activation and deactivation including electrical box
  • Zusatzmittel-Dosierung mit Gebinde Leermeldung, Typ fluidos.h


    Also featuring:

    • tank empty signal
    • control in sheet metal housing
    • automatic stop – a signal alert prevents the dosing of pure water when empty
  • Zusatzmittel-Dosierung zur Versorgung mehrerer kleiner Feuchtmittel-Aufbereitungsgeräte, Typ fluidos.t


    Also featuring:

    • supply of several small dampening solution circulators
    • storage tank with feed pump for each line connected with circulator
    • level control by means of simple float valve


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