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Alkoholkonstanthalter zur Dosierung von Alkohol im Bogenoffset, Typ alcosmart

alcosmart AZR - AutoZeroCalibration + CANopen


Successful IPA-reduced printing requires accuracy, selective measuring technique and precise control. With the alcosmart AZR technotrans meets these requirements with only a single device. Since this device measures in the gas phase, the results are unaffected by impurities, salt, air bubbles or foam in the dampening solution.

The high reliability and measurement precision along with its ease of operation and fully automatic zero point calibration have proven themselves over and over. In addition, the alcosmart AZR has established itself as the standard for IPA-reduced printing. It eliminates sources of error and thanks to its fully automatic zero point calibration not only eliminates time consuming manual setting, but also the associated potential for faults.

The alcosmart AZR combines a measurement process unaffected by outside influences with superb accuracy, functionality and operational reliability.

Advantages at a glance:

  • measuring result not affected by contamination or additives
  • highly precise IPA control ensures constant dampening solution quality and process stabiliy
  • highly reliable
  • practically maintenance-free due to fully automated zero point calibration
  • full integration of the control into the dampening solution circulator system via CANopen
  • supports IPA reduction
  • quick and easy to retrofit


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