technotrans printing industry
delta.m - zentrales Feuchtmittel-Mischsystem

Additive dosing systems and alcohol stabilizers

Precise dosing, less consumption

The dosing accuracy for the preparation of a dampening solution as well as full control over IPA value have a substantial influence on production and process stability in todays print rooms.

The continuing discussion about the pollution of ambient air in the work place and the necessity of cost reductions in printshops, require the continued reduction of IPA in dampening solutions. Starting with a simple yet effective, and energy-independent additive dosing system, all the way to central dampening solution supply centres such as the multidos, technotrans offers a wide range of equipment to meet your very individual additive dosing requirements.

We offer alcohol stabilizers with varying features, that support your efforts to reduce IPA and also help you save money.


    delta.m - central dampening solution mixing system

    digidos.p - dampening solution dosing via pneumatic piston pump

    fluidos - reliable and reproducible additive dosing


    alcosmart AZR opt - AutoZeroCalibration + CANopen

    alcocontrol - proven measuring technology with intelligent processor control

    combicontrol.e - compact and cost-efficient solution

    combicontrol.m - semi-automatic solution