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Cooling systems for industrial digital printing

Economic and efficient due to innovative cooling technology

In order to fulfill the increasing demands for modularity and flexibility, technotrans has developed a platform, the new omega.line, with which customized cooling systems can be put together - especially for use in digital printing - using standardized modules and assemblies.

Equipment & features:

  • operator-friendly design
  • high control accuracy
  • energy efficient design
  • temperature control / heating via heat  pump principle
  • wide range of voltages, including UL design  

Technical characteristics:

  • cooling capacity: 4 kW to 300 kW
  • ambient temperature: up to 42°C
  • control accuracy up to +/-0.5K
  • flow: 15 to 500 l/min.
  • connect, adjust, produces

    omega.line systems are configured via a simple-to-operate, state of the art microprocessor control panel, type TEC 300. This considerably reduces commissioning periods.

  • no consumables

    The technotrans omega.line standard version is already equipped with an easy to clean aluminium mesh air filter. Via a filter contamination monitor can be displayed when the air filter needs to be cleaned.

  • protects machines

    To protect your machines technotrans offers various optional filter units for the omega.line systems. These efficiently protect sensitive machine subassemblies from contamination and increase the service life of the cooling media.


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