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Ideally adapted refrigeration technology in digital printing

Digital printing solutions are becoming more and more commercial and productive.

Digital printing solutions are increasingly economical and productive. The closer this process comes to offset printing standards, the higher the challenges for a reliable and stable production process will become.

As a strong and reliable partner of worldwide press manufacturers and printers for more than 40 years, technotrans has set market standards with the development of highly precise cooling systems and other press peripherals, to fulfill higher expectations.

The omega.line units are operated via a state of the art and easy to use control panel. Moreover, the chillers are equipped with an easy to clean and reusable aluminium mesh air filter, so additional filter material is not needed.

The devices are equipped with state of the art energy-saving variable-speed motors. The used pump motor is according to efficiendy class IE and the large water filter grant long maintenance intervals.

Cooling systems - for digital printing presses


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