technotrans Lösungen für den Illustrationsrollenoffset

Ink supply & control system

Farbversorgungseinheit, Typ auto.fill

ink level control

With many thousands of systems installed worldwide, technotrans is the market leader for ink duct filling systems. Various systems with differing stages of automation are available. The multi-fill is particularly suitable for commercial web offset. The product has a space-saving design and is highly reliable.

A sensor, affixed to the ink filling pipe, monitors the filling level in the ink duct. If the ink filing level falls below the set value, then the ink valve is opened until the filling level is reached. 

Pumpenanschluss an Basiscontainer

Ink pumps

We offer a complete program of high-pressure piston pumps, from small 25kg hobbock pumps to large container pumps. What they all have in common is their optimum user and maintenance friendliness as well as a long service life.

If you require an individual solution, then we will develop it with you. Just contact us for details.



3/2-Wege-Kugelhahn zur Umschaltung in der Rohrleitung manual/auto

To supply the appropriate colour (LWC or NEWS) for different printing substrates, a 3/2-way ball valve is installed in the pipework upstream of the machine. It can be changed over manually or automatically from the control panel.

If you require an individual solution, then we will develop it with you.
Just contact us for details.

Containerstation für zentrale Farbversorgung

Stationary and mobile containers

Depending upon ink consumption and the amount of space available, a container system or even a central tank system is used.

Stationary containers are a logical solution to extending an ink supply system from standard mobile containers. These stationary containers are filled from the mobile containers, resulting in a simple, clean arrangement that saves costs. Simple, as there is no need for a fixed connection between the mobile container and the stationary container and because an ultra-sound sensor monitors the current filling level.


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