technotrans Lösungen für den Illustrationsrollenoffset
technotrans Lösungen für die Feuchtmittel-Aufbereitung und Farbwerk-Temperierung

Dampening solution preparation and ink unit temperature control

The prerequisite for reproducible, high-quality print are consistent production parameters. technotrans dampening solution circulators and temperature control units play a central part in achieving these conditions.

Consistent production parameters paired with a wide range of configuration options result in economical and customized equipment.

Professionals use high-performance components in their dampening solution circulation, inking and temperature control units, and thereby prevent problems caused by unstable parameters. Print problems are significantly reduced. This saves time and money and gives our customers a competitive edge.

gamma.line - efficient and reliable

gamma.c - combination unit

gamma.d - dampening solution circulators

delta. line - Offset technology for professionals

delta.d eco - energy-efficient dampening solution circulators

delta.c - combination units

delta.d - dampening solution circulators

delta.t - inking unit temperature control units

delta.z - multi-zone temperature control units