Cooling concepts in the plastic processing industry

Cooling technology for the plastics industry: safe and efficient in the long run

Plastics is all around – in packaging, vehicles, construction, technical parts and everyday items. We are surrounded by articles made of plastics by injection moulding, extrusion or blow moulding. This makes the plastics industry one of the most important economic sectors in Germany with a revenue of about 80 billion € (2017), more than 3,000 companies and approximately 370,000 employees.

Today, the technotrans group is a strong partner for this huge and highly diversified industry when it comes to cooling technology. For technotrans, the plastics industry is the second largest market, generating 29 percent of the total group revenue. During the last years, technotrans group substantially increased its footprint in the plastics market: In 2016, gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik GmbH (Meinerzhagen) joined the technotrans group, in 2018, Reisner Cooling Solutions GmbH (Holzwickede) followed. Now technotrans unites two of the market leading experts for cooling and tempering solutions. These two companies have been providing strong support for the plastics industry with their sophisticated and highly individual cooling systems for many decades.

Cooling is key

Regardless of the production process, cooling technology is crucial for plastics processing. Especially when it comes to injection moulding and extrusion, product quality and productivity totally depend on reliability, performance and efficiency of the cooling and tempering systems in use. The cooling performance required by the process has to be available with highest accuracy at all times. This is mandatory for reproducing the desired product quality and obtaining shortest cycle times. Therefore, operational safety is a matter of top priority for technotrans. With reliable, long-lasting technologies, innovative remote diagnostics and an excellent customer service, technotrans solutions provide exactly the high level of operational reliability, which is required by the customers from the plastics industry.

Cooling is a vital, yet energy-intensive production factor in plastics processing and as such it provides a powerful setscrew for lowering the total operation costs. Consequently, improving energy efficiency is the most important innovation target for technotrans. Compared to common chillers, the solutions provided by technotrans and its subsidiaries are reducing the energy consumption by up to 80 percent and reduce the costs accordingly.

Customized solutions for today and tomorrow

Requirements of plastics processing companies are as wide-ranging as the industry itself. technotrans responds by providing unique systems instead of series products. Highly qualified and experienced staff analyse the individual situation on customers side and perfectly adapt the cooling and tempering technology. Performance, control cabinet, cold water circuit, tank system and complementary units are individually planned and manufactured in compliance with highest quality standards. In the process, Reisner Cooling Solutions and gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik always take future developments into account, ensuring a perfect production support in the long run.

The plastics industry is subject to constant change. Requirements regarding sustainability and resources preserving are becoming more and more complex, e.g. energy efficiency and climate-friendly refrigerants. Through extensive research and development as well as a constantly increasing its product portfolio, the group provides attractive and future-orientated solutions for the whole industry. Find more information about our state-of-the-art capabilities in plastics cooling here: