technotrans medical and scanner technology

External cooling solutons for scanner technology

Equipment & features:

  • central supply of coolant to the x-ray scanners with full redundancy
  • powerful active refrigeration systems for outside installation
  • cooling water pumps in redundant version with automatic pump management
  • redundancy concepts with direct and indirect cooling of the x-ray scanners
  • design of the refrigeration unit to suit the climatic conditions
  • wide range of options for individual adaptation of the system
  • worldwide product management, installations and maintenance
  • product certification in accordance with international standards such as CE and UL  

Technical data:

  • cooling capacity: 50 – approx. 250 kW
  • cooling water flow rate:  10 – approx. 40 m³/h
  • ambient temperature: -25 °C +50°C
  • control accuracy: to ± 1 K


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