technotrans medical and scanner technology

Integrated cooling solutions for medical technology

Equipment & features:

  • individual air and liquids refrigeration modules for integration into the diagnosis and therapy systems  
  • passive one or multiple circuit heat exchanger refrigeration modules to supply system circuits such as, e.g. gradient amplifier, gradient coil, radio frequency amplifier and helium compressor on a MRT system
  • versions for water/glycol or DI water as coolant
  • single circuit systems for cooling closed atmospheres
  • design and production according to customers required specifications
  • product certification in accordance with international  standards such as UL, CSA, IEC 60601 

Technical data:

  • passive cooling capacity: 1 – approx. 80 kW
  • cooling air volumetric flow: up to approx. 4000 m³/h
  • cooling water flow: 0.5 up to approx. 100 l/min
  • control accuracy: up to ± 0.5 K


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