technotrans medical and scanner technology
integrierte Kühllösungen in der Medizintechnik

Cooling solutions for medical and scanner technology

The performance of modern imaging diagnostics, such as Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Tomography (MRT) as well as of scanners in security engineering, very much depends on reliable refrigeration systems that are attuned to the respective application.

The customized cooling solutions from technotrans can be implemented as an integrated component, or as an external, central overall concept.

  • Integrated and external solutions for medical and laboratory applications

    The product portfolio of the technotrans group includes numerous air and liquid cooling modules for direct integration into diagnostic, treatment or laboratory devices or as external stand-alone devices for indoor or outdoor use.

    A distinction is made between so-called passive systems with air- or watercooled heat exchangers and active systems with air- or water-cooled compression refrigeration units. The media to be cooled can be gaseous or liquid. In general, air, water, DI water or water-glycol-mixtures are used. Depending on the specific requirements, control accuracies up to +/-0.1 K are possible.

    The capacity usually ranges from approximately 200 W for smaller diode lasers and laboratory applications up to approximately 80 kW for powerful scanner systems. Systems with a higher capacity rating for the central supply of several systems with cold water are also available. 

    Efficiency can be measured based on numerous key performance indicators. They include factors such as energy efficiency, system availability, total life cycle costs, user-friendliness, ease of service and maintenance as well as the use of resources.

  • Scanner technology

    Security is of utmost priority at airports. In order to ensure security at all times, X-ray baggage scanners are used 24/7. All of the checked baggage and hand luggage are thoroughly scanned and tested.

    For the trouble-free operation of these sophisticated systems and the smooth operation of the airport security services, technotrans offers customised solutions for cooling the baggage scanners:

    • fully integrated cooling systems
    • partially integrated modules including a central cold water system
    • remote, external water chillers or freecooling systems (depending on the climate zone)
  • Customised cooling systems

    Developers of systems for medical applications increasingly focus on factors such as the investment costs, energy efficiency, reliability and footprint of the necessary cooling and temperature control systems. In this regard, technotrans takes care of the conception, design and manufacture of the devices in line with the customer specifications.

    Based on a proven and professional development and qualification process as well as many years of experience, technotrans develops customised cooling and temperature control solutions for your specific requirements. Design and certifications in accordance with international standards such as CE, UL, CSA, ISO 9001, etc. are a matter of course.


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