technotrans laser industry

Cooling systems for laser technology

Cooling systems for laser technology

Systems for diode, fibre and CO2 lasers

The laser cooling systems made by technotrans are specifically adapted to the typical requirements of different types of laser applications. In addition, they can be customised to fulfil any nonstandard

The technotrans laser cooling products range from small cooling capacities starting at 0.3 kW especially for diode lasers in medical applications and medium capacities for fibre lasers up to high cooling capacities with a maximum of 300 kW for CO2 lasers in an industrial setting.

Apart from a wide range of capacities of the cooling units and pumps, the modular design of the systems also provides for a maximum of selection options for the system configuration. Whether the cooling unit requires integrated filtration of the cooling medium, active heating or special cooling media,

technotrans has tested all possible configurations and offers them to its customers. technotrans has been fully aware of the special requirements of cooling circuits with DI water for many years and the company has used this knowledge as the basis for continuous improvement. Apart from the selection of suitable materials, it is also possible to incorporate a conductivity measurement system with display and regeneration cartridges into the system.

The control system has been designed to allow for free parameterisation and, thereby, variable use.  The signal exchange with the customer system can include simple status messages up to the principles of Industry 4.0 in the form of a BUS communication system.


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