technotrans battery and converter cooling

Battery and charging cable cooling solutions for electromobility applications

Batteriekühllösungen für stationäre und mobile Anwendungen

The temperature of modern lithium-ion batteries is an essential factor for the correct operation and service life of high-performance batteries. This is why the optimum operating temperature of vehicle batteries and stationary energy storage devices must be ensured by a powerful cooling system. A constant, unvarying temperature profile of the lithium-ion battery is vital for ensuring long-term performance.

When it comes to fast-charging systems and high-power charging, optimum performance and system safety can only be guaranteed through the use of specifically adapted cooling concepts.

Reliable and safe cooling of lithium-ion batteries

The correct operation and service life of lithium-ion batteries, as mobile and stationary energy storage devices for electric vehicles, depend on the operating temperature. Constant and stable temperature control of the energy storage devices in road and rail vehicles as well as stationary lithium-ion batteries ensures a long service life and high performance. zeta.line by technotrans has been specifically developed for the liquid cooling of lithium-ion batteries.

The efficient cooling concept guarantees an optimum temperature of the cells, thereby reducing power dissipation, which results in optimum performance and a long service life of the batteries while, at the same time, increasing their efficiency for electromobility applications.

Cooling of charging cables: active and passive concepts for fast-charging stations

technotrans offers a wide range of cooling concepts for fast-charging stations. This includes actively as well as passively cooled charging cable cooling modules with a high level of compactness for easy integration into the charging stations. The product portfolio is further complemented by distributed cooling systems for entire charging parks where central refrigeration units cool groups of several charging stations. The actual cooling concept, cooling capacity and data communication concept are fully customisable.

Road and rail vehicles

Stationary energy storages and fast charging stations

High Power Charging (HPC)


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