Technology and Operations

The constant striving for new and better solutions is firmly implanted in our corporate culture. Only by doing that will we manage to keep turning out innovations that make our customers’ processes better and more efficient. The team that bears main responsibility for achieving that is Technology & Operations, which handles research and development, but also production, warehousing and logistics, and product monitoring.

Tailormade solutions and products

Over the years, production at technotrans has brought 20 product lines with more than 2,400 variants into circulation. This confirms the trend among our customers towards growing demand for customisation. To meet that demand, we work very flexibly in interdisciplinary, dynamic teams, permanently optimise our processes and develop modular components that can be used variably.

To the point: Warehousing & Logistics

Logistics at technotrans involves planning, managing and monitoring the flow of materials and goods both inside and outside the company. This cross-disciplinary function has the task of managing all flows of materials and goods in the sub-areas of procurement, production and distribution logistics. To support our customers optimally, we are in possession of all the necessary certificates, permits for customs simplification processes, and have specialists to act as hazardous goods representatives and customs agents. All three sub-areas are fully integrated into SAP.

Quality as a cachet

Last but not least, we impress our customers with a consistently high standard of quality – whether in our products or our services. Quality must often be guaranteed even after frequently short times in development, so we have integrated a modern quality management system that helps to fulfil the high expectations of our customers.

Who we are looking for:

The Technology & Operations team regularly seeks to recruit new employees e.g. with the qualifications or specialisms of mechatronics engineer, mechatronics engineer for refrigeration technology, installation mechanic for plumbing, heating and climate control technology, and electronics engineer. For the Logistics area, we are interested in experts in warehouse logistics and warehouse specialists, for Quality Management we are looking for industrial engineers, technicians and engineers with a background in mechanical and electrical engineering, but also employees with other technical qualifications and advanced training in quality management.