Products and Markets

The Products & Markets team pools our strengths in sales and service. Alongside our classic core business area – Print – our sales activities are increasingly finding new markets for our company by marketing our innovative products over our ttis (technotrans industrial system solutions) platform.

Custom products for efficient processes
Day in, day out we repeatedly demonstrate our technical expertise and desire to innovate with efficient products and solutions for temperature control, filtering, separating, metering and measuring liquids. For control and process engineering, we are able to use our own software to good effect, tailored to each individual product. And we are notably successful with these products: not only in the printing industry, but also in industries such as machine tooling, medical and scanner technology, laser technology and energy storage technology, customers are increasingly coming to appreciate the products and services of technotrans.

24/7 service for genuine customer satisfaction
At technotrans, technological expertise goes hand in hand with a service culture that guarantees customer satisfaction over a product’s entire life, based on our product life cycle management. Our service organisation, with over 150 employees and more than 20 international locations, is geared up to provide customer satisfaction all around the world. It covers everything from offering direct telephone support round the clock, or a worldwide parts service, through to expert service engineers to deal with service call-outs.

Who we are looking for:
In the Products & Markets team, we are constantly on the lookout for people who are passionate about service. Important qualities include above all the sensitivity and knack to interact appropriately with our customers. Useful qualifications and backgrounds include mechatronics engineers, mechatronics engineers for refrigeration technology, electronics engineers, engineers and technicians for general technology, as well as industrial managers or office administrators for office management in the commercial sphere.