Lisa Christin, student

Post-graduate prospects

The earlier contact is made, the better the chances for a career

It goes without saying, we're always interested in finding capable and qualified specialists for our company. For this reason, students who we have become acquainted with during their courses of academic studies and who have left a good impression are of particular interest to us.

In the past it has often been the case that we have offered a position to a student who has completed an internship at technotrans or who has written his or her final paper or thesis paper in cooperation with technotrans. This generally holds true for all areas and departments, provided there is a vacancy to be filled.

The advantages are obvious: You have the opportunity to see for yourself what it is like working at technotrans during your course of academic studies and we get a good impression of your work habits and capabilities.

Using an actual example, we would like to show you, how building a career at technotrans could look like:

Further insights can be gained by reading the short stories of our employees:

  • Lisa Christin Köster, dual student

    Two-track course for success

    Lisa Christin Köster completed her training at our company as an engineering draughtswoman specialising in electrical engineering, and qualified as best in class in North Rhine-Westphalia, something we are incredibly proud of. Straight afterwards she embarked on the dual course of study “Technical Systems Engineering – specialising in Electrical Engineering” at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, where she expects to graduate this summer. She would like to stay at technotrans, and we would of course be very happy for her to.

    She originally chose technotrans as her training company because it was local for her, the training content closely matched her own field of interest, and she had a favourable impression of our company and its employees. The latter argument is one that we hear time and time again, and like to see it as an endorsement of our well-balanced human resources approach and good in-house atmosphere.

    Ms Köster is also delighted with the highly practical tasks that are entrusted to trainees and students. “As a trainee engineer I find out in advance what tasks will await me later on and what it means to assume responsibility.” Both are aspects that are very important to us at technotrans. We therefore give our training the greatest possible practical orientation and encourage young people early on to lead projects and work together in a team.

    Lisa-Christin Köster also finds praise for the individual support offered, as well as for the good working atmosphere and the clarity offered about career opportunities.

    It’s perfectly clear: we like to invest in the future – whether in our own young talent or in unlocking new markets and therefore fresh areas of activity.

  • Jonas Dahlke, skilled worker (prospective trainer)

    From training to trainer

    Jonas Dahlke has been working for us since August 2010. He started his career by training as a mechatronics engineer for refrigeration technology (qualifying faster than normal, thanks to his impressive performance) and completed his training in 2013 as the Chamber of Commerce’s Best in Class. He was taken on as a skilled fitter and in 2014 moved to the position of skilled worker. Since the start of 2015 Mr Dahlke has gradually been eased into the role of trainer for mechatronics engineers for refrigeration technology and is at the same time completing his master craftsman training, which he should finish this year.

    Right from the start, we have been impressed with Jonas Dahlke’s outstanding technical skills, coupled with a confident manner, so he seemed predestined for his future role as trainer. Mr Dahlke comes from the region and identifies with the company not just on the strength of its local status and profile. His field of activity appeals to him because of the varied tasks, and above all the personal contact with the apprentices and the opportunity to pass on theory and practical knowledge. A very responsible mission that he is rising to admirably.

    It is especially remarkable to point out that Mr Dahlke has stepped into the role of technical trainer for the “mechatronics engineer for refrigeration technology” training course at the age of just 21 and, once he has completed his master craftsman training, will be fully responsible for that role. He is also responsible for developing the new training workshop. In addition, he has helped various regional schools partnerships get off the ground in the past few years.

    Such an achievement cannot be taken for granted. Yet we are convinced about Jonas Dahlke’s abilities and sense of responsibility, which is why we as a company have no reservations about entrusting responsible tasks to employees who are young in years.