Operating across the globe: technotrans abroad

technotrans is represented worldwide with sites in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. Apart from the resulting customer proximity, we can also offer our employees the opportunity to work at our international subsidiaries. The duration of these periods abroad is determined individually and can be anything from a minimum of three months to an unlimited, local appointment on site.

Shorter, project-related periods abroad lasting between one week and three months are also possible. These could include Software or product launches at subsidiaries, on-site support in sales or technical implementations and much more.

In the event of a period abroad, our employees are very well supported. This support may include:

  • help in the selection and search for suitable accommodation
  • preparatory training such as language courses or introductions to local customs
  • Mentoring on site
  • advice in legal questions (social security law)

Under certain circumstances, periods abroad may already be possible during an apprenticeship, if there are projects at our subsidiaries which can be processed by our trainees - but only during school holidays.