Areas and industries

technotrans has over 40 years of experience in developing equipment and systems for cooling and liquid technology. That not only benefits our original core business in the print area; it also enables us to develop custom products and solutions for other sectors and industries. We would like to give you a brief overview of our areas of activity.

  • Printing industry: specialists for peripheral equipment

    Whether innovative and above all reliable products for sheet-fed offset, products for sophisticated web offset, top-notch cooling systems for digital printing or products that guarantee the optimum temperatures in challenging flexographic printing, our customers in the printing industry benefit from technotrans’ long-standing experience and comprehensive know-how.

    Application example:

    Especially in newspaper printing, technotrans’ extra-efficient, low-maintenance equipment appeals to printing houses.

  • Laser industry: cooling system for laser technology

    The technotrans product range here extends from air-to-water heat exchangers for smaller lasers, through active compressor cooling systems for diode lasers and solid-state lasers, to CO2 lasers. As well as existing products and services, in this area technotrans develops especially customer-specific systems that are tailored exactly to individual requirements.

    Application example:

    One area of use for technotrans cooling systems is in the manufacturing of automotive components, i.e. in sheet-metal working and blanking, but also in vehicle assembly, i.e. for welding tasks.

  • Stamping and forming technology: custom solutions

    The innovative spray lubrication system spray.xact that functions without compressed air applies oil precisely and efficiently, without any undesirable oil mist. The modular technotrans cooling systems complete our portfolio for stamping and forming technology.

    Application example:

    Whether in the manufacturing of passenger car components, agricultural machinery and tractors, domestic appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers or packaging such as drinks cans, technotrans spray lubrication and cooling systems keep processes running smoothly.

  • Machine tools: peripheral equipment for the machine tool industry

    From tried-and-tested cooling technology systems and modular filter systems to preparation and metering systems for cooling lubricants, technotrans offers its customers individual solutions for a wide range of application scenarios.

    Application example:

    technotrans modules are to be found e.g. in equipment used in the manufacturing of dental implants, artificial joints or optical elements such as lenses.

  • Electric mobility: system solutions for battery and inverter cooling

    The functioning and service life of high-performance batteries in electric vehicles and static energy storage devices depends decisively on the operating temperature. technotrans offers its customers efficient cooling systems that maintain a constant, steady battery temperature and therefore long-term performance.

    Application example:

    technotrans battery cooling systems are used for example in trams or buses in Qatar, the USA, Brazil, Taiwan, Luxembourg and Spain.

  • Medical and scanner technology: dependable cooling solutions

    The performance of modern diagnostic equipment, e.g. for computer tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance tomography (MRT), and of the scanners in security technology, can only be assured if the right cooling systems are used. In addition to offering integrated solutions, technotrans can also supply external, centrally installed master concepts.

    Application example:

    As well as in CTs and MRTs, technotrans cooling systems are also used in lasers for eye surgery, and in lab and therapy equipment.