Our company

technotrans introduces itself

technotrans is an international technology and service company that concentrates on customer-specific applications in the field of liquid technology.

Our company comprises technotrans SE itself and 18 subsidiaries. The registered office of technotrans SE is in Sassenberg (Westphalia). We have operations at 18 locations worldwide, are involved in a large number of collaborative projects and employ about 1,450 people in all (Dec. 31, 2017).

Our entrepreneurial activity consists of production operations proper, with our own plants that specialise in individual business areas or product lines, and (direct) Sales/Service, which handles product sales and customer support as part of our product life cycle management. As a supplementary measure our Key Accounting supports major international customers.

With our many years of experience and extensive know-how, we are one of the world’s leading suppliers of peripheral solutions in the printing industry. In recent years we have also successfully built up our market position in fields such as laser cooling, for example for laser welding, in stamping and forming technology where we focus on temperature control, filtration and lubrication, and in scanner and medical technology.

This is also suitably reflected in the following selection of specimen applications, which give you an insight into the diverse activities and services of technotrans.

  • Cooling in the desert: technotrans supports Siemens in Qatar

    This year, Siemens trams went into service in Qatar fitted with both capacitors and batteries, meaning that no overhead lines are needed. To provide adequate cooling for the energy storage devices in the extreme climatic conditions, Siemens uses systems supplied by technotrans. Specially for this project, we developed a water cooling system that ensures the energy storage device does not heat up above 20 degrees Celsius despite the extremely high ambient temperatures. Our innovative cooling system is also guaranteed resistant to environmental factors such as sand, and it is exceptionally light.

  • Clean and economical without compressed air: spray lubrication for Heinrich Huhn

    Heinrich Huhn GmbH & Co. KG is a supplier to the automotive industry and manufactures engine components, powertrains, safety-related parts and also interiors made from sheet steel or aluminium. A crucial stage in the stamping and forming of the material is lubrication, so that friction and wear are minimised and heat is dissipated. For this task, Heinrich Huhn uses an ultra-low-maintenance spray lubrication solution from technotrans, which also delivers the lubricant with high precision and does not need costly compressed air. That saves time and money, and its high efficiency also does the environment a favour.

  • Pressure optimised: biggest Irish daily counts on technotrans

    Ireland’s top-selling daily newspaper, the Irish Independent, can count on technotrans technology: the printing presses of the traditional newspaper have been equipped with 64 new spray dampening systems and a cross-flow filtration system. Thanks to this technology, the Irish printing house can now print much more efficiently and reliably than before – and maintenance requirements have also been reduced. The success of the retrofit in Dublin is clear to see – not just in the printing results. The system runs virtually maintenance-free, round the clock. During the day, the presses turn out three different editions of the newspaper, and at night all of four.