Capabilities and services

We take our responsibilities seriously

We do not accept any compromises within the scope of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) measures. We therefore offer our employees an extensive pension scheme and fair remuneration, while naturally observing all equal opportunity regulations. We also place great emphasis on a balance between work and family life. Last, but not least, by committing to the Global Compact Initiative of the United Nations (UN), we undertake to act sustainably in all our company departments.

It's all in good form: Sustainability

technotrans has committed to the principles of sustainable management. This not only entails fair and respectful dealings with employees, suppliers and business partners, but also encompasses the protection of the environment and resources, as well as upholding our social responsibility by adhering to statutory requirements and ethical standards.

technotrans deliberately saves in resources through the company's economic actions. We also place greater emphasis on the stationary and mobile application of energy-saving technologies, on energy-saving components and pollutant-decreasing solutions.

We are able to guarantee all of the above not merely through our cross-corporate Code of Conduct but also through our commitment to the Global Compact Initiative of the United Nations (UN). technotrans has already been part of this important initiative since 2006 and actively cooperates in socially and ecologically creating and sustainably implementing globalisation.

  • The ten basic principles of the Global Compact Initiative

    • Companies should support and observe the protection of international human rights.

    • Companies should ensure that they are not complicit in the violation of human rights.

    • Companies should maintain the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to negotiate collectively.

    • Companies should advocate the elimination of all forms of forced or compulsory labour.

    • Companies should advocate the elimination of child labour.

    • Companies should advocate the elimination of discrimination with regard to employment and occupation.

    • Companies should take a precautionary approach in their dealings with environmental problems.

    • Companies should take initiatives to promote greater environmental awareness.

    • Companies should accelerate the development and distribution of environmentally compatible technologies.

    • Companies should work against all types of corruption, including extortion and bribery.

All of our employees are obliged to uphold these principles. It is not only necessary to consider these principles and act accordingly during day-to-day company operations; technotrans has also committed to document its appropriate compliance in an annual progress report.