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central.cooling - central cooling systems

The productivity in the print hall is continually increasing. Modern printing presses achieve speeds of 18,000 sheets an hour. This also affects the demands made on peripheral units. Dampening solution preparation, ink unit temperature control, the supply of blow and suction air yield a higher performance, but also produce considerably more waste air.  

Air-cooled units normally just unload this heat to the surrounding area. This releases energy, that is not only not used, but that actually makes it more difficult to maintain stable production conditions.  

A central water cooling unit efficiency counters such effects. It channels all energy and heat. The ambient conditions in the print room remain unaffected and support the process stability.

  • Advantages

    Advantages at a glance:

    • higher productivity due to stable printshop climate
    • no overload of existent ventilation and climate control units
    • low air speeds in printshop and therefore less dust dispersion
    • low maintenance requirements for peripheral units
    • horizontal or vertical positioning possible
    • various capacities and sound levels available
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    Heat recovery

    Increasing energy costs and no end in sight?

    With water cooling you can use the waste heat from the machine for heating purposes, as the heated cooling water can easily be pumped to the required area of the building. In this way air pre-heaters or low-temperature heaters can be operated.


    Utillize the heat

    Either just once or many times!

    Basically you have two options. Either the heat is used directly to heat production halls or storage areas or it can be integrated into the existing heat distribution system...more information

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