Zeitungsdruckmaschine mit technotrans Equipment
delta.f - innovative Querstromfiltration für den Einsatz mit Sprühfeuchtwerken

Ideal filtration quality for high process reliability

Systems to continuously and efficiently clean dampening solution have been developed for printing presses of all formats. The result is a clean system, from the dampening solution tank to the trays in the inking units.

Efficient filtration of the dampening solution is not only a great support for process stability, it also has a positive environmental impact by reducing the need for chemicals and additives.

The use of suitable filtration units provides a permanently clean dampening solution cycle and thereby minimises the extent of required cleaning on the printing press. This results in considerable reduction of operating costs at maximum machine availability.

delta.f - innovative cross-flow filtration for use with spray dampening systems

beta.f - powerful fine filtration for maximum machine availability