Zeitungsdruckmaschine mit technotrans Equipment - kompakte Feuchtmittel-Aufbereitung - compact dampening solution preparation


Conventionally designed units, with five performance levels, three tank sizes, high pressure pumping systems and exakt pressure control. Numerous options for cooling, dosing and measuring guarantee ideal dampening solution supply to the connected spray bars with a high degree of operational safety.

Compact line dampening solution circulators are especially designed to operate with spray bars. With cooling capacities from 2–16 kW these units fit a wide range of application requirements and are especially suited for use with small to medium-format installations. Starting from small spray dampening systems with one to eight spray bars up to medium-sized installations, for single to triple width spray bars dampening systems – line units offer the right solution with demand-oriented and economical concepts.

  • Advantages

    Advantages at a glance:

    • designed specifically for operation with spray bars
    • highly reliable thanks to powerful components
    • compact, space-saving design
    • minimal contamination of the system due to double version fine filter for dampening solution feed line
    • highly precise mixing, measuring and control technology
    • user-driven configuration options
  • configuration options:

    Further configuration options:

    • high-pressure spare pump, with automatic base load and fault changeover
    • automatic dampening solution mixing unit, single or double version fluidos type, with different capacities
    • conductivity display
    • pH value display
    • UV light degermination lamps
    • filter systems for waste water return line


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