Lisa Christin, student

Application process

The process in detail

Any type of application is welcome, regardless whether you choose to e-mail it or use conventional means; applications received using our online application form are given preference, however. Our online application system also allows for saving the application and completing it later. It is also possible to submit several applications, and the online system is compatible with the use of smart phones.

We want our application processing system to be transparent and we would like to outline it for you below:

1. Confirmation of receipt

If you have completed the online application form, the receipt of the application is usually confirmed immediately via e-mail. The receipt of your application sent by e-mail or by conventional means is confirmed within three to four business days.

2. Review

Upon receipt of your application, it will be reviewed by the human resource department or the specialised department, and checked for completeness. Further documents may be requested as needed. This process can take up to four weeks.

3. Interview

When we have determined that you are a promising candidate based on your application, we will invite you to the first interview, which would be about one week after the decision has been made internally. We purposely avoid putting pressure on people at interviews, but make every effort to meet on a level playing field, with the objective of getting to know one another.

4. Decision-making

The final act involves selecting our preferred candidate - you, hopefully - from among all the suitable applicants and announcing the good news. You will then be all set to sign a contract and build your career with technotrans!